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Here we’ve taken four good online casinos from the Legend Affiliate Group and put them all in one place for you, which will make these internet casinos far easier to compare and decide on the one that’s right for you. As, when searching for a good icasino to trust, it can become very confusing with so many of them on the market today. So, we chose to review these particular casinos because this company is one of the most trusted online. Besides providing high-quality developed games, they hold some of the largest jackpots around. Plus, you’ll find on them a good selection of different game types including roulette and blackjack as well as slots. If you have a specific interest for classic casino games, then there are plenty of these contained within the icasinos mentioned here. Moreover, each one has the newest monthly additions. Which result in quite an interesting and extensive game portfolio.  

The details of each icasino contained in this review will give you a good sign of how an online casino should be. It will also contain information of what to look out for, so you can avoid any snags along the way. This is particularly useful for any beginners who would like to know more in becoming a good gaming enthusiast, besides picking up some useful tips to use for their own gains. But there are more aspects to consider before starting an account with an online icasino, such as the quality of their support as well as their flexible banking options. So, let us now go ahead and point out some key factors about the four icasinos in question. Which, should help to narrow down your choice according to your personal preference.

 Are the Legend Group of Casinos

The Legend Casino Group is a fully-licensed online company. Who firmly believe in giving their players full transparency and integrity. Although the Group is still fairly new on the scene since first launching in the middle of 2017, they have already achieved honors and been presented with awards for ‘Best Management’, especially for providing honest and well run casinos on the internet. They have gained a lot of respect up to now and because of this, they serve a fairly big audience, including some of the most experienced players around, as well as adding new players to their database. Most of all, there are a good number of players who have remained with them from the very start, which says a lot for the casinos they have in this small, but high-quality collection. Holding the most important assets to give their players an excellent icasino to play for the long term.

Welcome Bonuses

For a start, most online casinos will offer you some sort of welcome bonus if you sign up as a new member. These can either be in the form of free spins or actual money to use on their games. Usually, these money bonuses can be anything up to $1,000 and provided over the course of a new players very first deposits. That can be anywhere up to the first five deposits made with them. Still, Legend Casinos are up at the top when it comes to their generosity. Because when compared, their welcome bonuses exceeded any of the others we looked at. With one offering a far more significant amount to possibly go as high as $20,000. Including free spins and welcome packs up to a value big enough to play on a large number of top quality games. The thing is, with a large welcome bonus you can enjoy a much longer time to play and without needing to use your own personal cash. Also, the longer you have, then the more likelihood you have of winning one of their jackpots.

Each one of the four we’re reviewing are different and if you click on any one of them on this page you will see how they work. Not only for the tidy sum they give away for becoming a player at their icasino. But, this is as well as how to claim your bonus and which games (if not all) you can play with your welcome gift. But, before you sign-up with any online casino, it’s imperative that you know of its legitimacy and reliability first. As it’s only then, that you’ll have the confidence to go ahead and wager on games from their collection. So, on the whole you have reached the right online guide to find all this out. Which, contains both current and accurate information about these already popular Casinos. So you can decide if you want to, which one of these will give you a safe and happy gambling experience for a long time to come.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Promotions

Apart from the Casinos welcome offers, there are more attractions to come from bonuses. These as well as their many promotions, can be of real benefit to a player. From special giveaways and free spins to loyalty programs which give out points for play. These are points that can turn into cash when reaching a certain amount. By handing out plenty of these, it helps to keep their players loyal and always coming back for more. Not only this, but the promotions regularly update to keep players amused. From dishing out some very tempting icasino treats on a daily basis. Although, these don’t just stop at handy free spins to give you longer time to play the games. But there are many others you can use which help to do the same. Like free money, slots bonuses, deposit specials and even bitcoin specials.

Big Selection of Quality Games

These Casinos hold games which are professionally developed. The well known company, RealTime Gaming, delivers virtual games from Playtech software. So, you can be sure to get an amazing collection whichever icasino you decide to join up with. This is one of the most important aspects of an online casino and the games have to be spot on. This gaming development company is one that is at the higher end of the scale. As they have been successfully producing games for over 20 years now. So, they know how to supply games to match both the experienced as well as novice players. With over 200 games featuring slots, table, dice and specialty, they do offer a good assortment. Which suit all whatever the amount of skill a player has. Plus, their monthly releases provide brand new games never before played. So, you should keep your eye out for these as many of them come in as progressives too. They can also contain free spins and bonus rounds on top of lots of other exciting features. Most of all, new players in particular can find the use of the fun mode feature to come in very handy for them. Especially for practicing on a certain game and before making a quick switch to play for real money.

RealTime Gaming power results in being able to play games which are both secure and fair. This goes for all game outcomes, as a Random Number Generator controls each and every one of them. Meaning, you won’t ever have a premeditated result on the game you’ve been playing. This RNG for short, is automatically installed within the games software to give all players the exact same chances to win. It also relates to whatever genre you play and not only on the slot games. As it extends to table games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette and more. Including video poker and specialty games which all help you to enjoy a better gaming experience.

Mobile Gaming

Any of the casinos mentioned in this review are easy accessible on a variety of mobile platforms. So, whether this is on a smartphone or iPhone, iPad or tablet, there will always be the same high quality. Since these casinos already come optimized for mobile devices. Which include both Android and iOS. It means the graphics and sounds are as sharp and realistic as they are on a home system. It’s imperative for an online casino to have this asset. As playing on the go has fast become the most convenient way to visit a favorite icasino. With easy and fast downloads and mobile apps, as well as total security wherever you go. It means you can play this way and still not lose out on any special offers or points given.

Fully Legal Online Casinos

It’s essential to choose an icasino that holds at least one full license at the end of the day. Because this will assure you of its intentions in offering a most secure and fair environment to play in. The casinos we feature, follow all specified standards. They hold licenses provided by the highest and most reputable gaming authorities. Which also means, they are totally legal for all gambling activities at their online establishment. As well as abiding by the fair gaming policies. Furthermore, they conduct their online business operations in total transparency. Even so, it’s still recommended for you to familiarize yourself with them first. And this is regardless of which icasino you decide to play. Hence, you can find all the details you need to see, at the foot of each casino under the ‘Fair Gaming’ heading.

Besides staying honorable to their players and holding licenses by the correct legal authorities. It means, these casinos are able to give their players even more confidence. Because, not only are regular tests done to prove their casinos remain true. But their games are often inspected too. A company called Technical Systems Testing or TST for short, are an internationally recognized group. They specialize in making sure all online games, as well as the casino in particular, run well and as they should. Each one of them goes through independent tests from regular monthly inspections. It’s important to let any potential player know this, as these casinos are always regulated by the correct authorities. Which have as well, full respect within the gaming community. When all said and done, your security is a most relevant factor. So, important things like personal card information must remain in full confidentiality. Because, in any of the casinos here, you’ll find any transactions you do are always professionally handled. And this of course, extends to not only fair but fast payouts as well.

Getting the Most from an Online Casino

So the question is, should you go for an icasino which offers you a huge amount to sign up with them? Or one which you’ll get the most from by being able to trust them for the long term? Obviously, the likelihood of this being the latter, but wouldn’t it be good if you could have the best of both worlds! For which we’ll now take the opportunity here to tell you that a Legend Casino won’t let you down with either of these. So, in parallel with giving their newest players a substantial money bonus. There are as well, many aspects to show how trustworthy they are. However, if you’re going to get the most you can from your chosen icasino, then it’s better not to overlook their daily promotions. As these can not only provide you with more time to play. But, they can bring you even closer to winning a jackpot of your choice.

Moreover, there is a strong team of hosts who work with each of these four casinos. These real individual persons have a lot of knowledge of the casino world. So, they can help to give you a better time during your stay, whether this is going to be a long or short time. For example, they can offer advice or tips on a certain game to help you achieve the best from it. In fact, whatever queries or questions you have then the hosts can come in very handy. Because, having a fully informed and friendly team of hosts to answer your every query. It will in turn, give you the most enjoyable experiences whenever you play their Casino.

Casino Terms

Taking the time out to read the casinos terms and conditions will help you to understand the workings of an icasino. These are specific terms which may or may not relate to a player. But it’s still good to know how their conditions work. Which could keep a players head above water when knowing what and if, any rules apply to them. An example of this, could be of the country you reside in as not all are available around the globe. However, by checking this out beforehand, you will know if they accept players from your country of residence. Also, different jurisdictions can also mean a different legal age requirement. For instance, one country may allow players from the legal age of 18. Whereas another country may have a rule that says you need to be at least 21 years of age to play at an online establishment.

Supporting Players

One of the things any potential player should know before becoming a member, is how good their customer service is. Because, no one ever knows if or when they may need them. The hosts do welcome friendly chats about the games and so on. But, when it comes down to more serious matters then they can become a real asset. These are people you can trust and who have undergone a high training regime. So, anyone who should happen to come across any sort of issue, can ask for help at any time. The most used contact method nowadays is still by live chat. Since this is the fastest way possible to solve any problems or questions you need an answer for. Which is certainly a more convenient way. As there is always a person there who you can communicate with through chat messages.

More importantly, these hosts are there for the days, evenings and even through the night. Because of the way their service works, it means that wherever you live there will always be the correct person to talk to when you want. This contact method, as well as these Casinos, don’t ever shut. Thus, whatever time or year it is, they will always be by your side in times of need. As you may be wondering, there is of course a choice to send a query by email. This is if your need isn’t as urgent and you’re prepared to wait a day for them to respond. These are the only two methods for getting in touch with someone. However, being a professional company, it means you’re in good hands. So you will always receive a helpful VIP support from any one of their hosts.


All four of the casinos we’re reviewing here are totally USA friendly. So they are available for players across all states of America. Although, these particular casinos don’t accept players from Australia. They do however, very much welcome players from Canada. As well as accepting currencies in both CAD as well as USD. The best advice would be to always check the jurisdiction of the country you live in. Which should be prior to joining any one of these reviewed casinos. This will allow you to make sure of the specified legal age requirement. What is necessary for gambling in your particular country of residence.

Payment Options

For simple and fast payment methods there are many here to suit. Along with alternative ways in which to make a deposit with and as well as withdraw your money. Above all, whichever safe method you use will be very secure. This is due to the SSL protection installed within each casinos banking page. By using a strong bank encryption allows your money to travel safely over the internet. While at the same time, defending all your personal information and keeping it free from any danger. Which means you always have full control over your money and private details. So, whichever transaction method you use it should always be without hassle. Plus, it’s good to know if the right payment options are available to suit your preference. Therefore, you should view them all before setting up your new account.

Please note, that the options can differ depending on whether you deposit or withdraw. Especially if you would prefer to use the same method for both transactions. One of the most popular of methods used are e-Wallets. These are PayPal, Neteller and Skrill and are all perfectly safe online banking methods to use. In addition to these, there are other payment cards accepted like credit and debit cards. Such as, MasterCard, Visa and Paysafe which is a prepaid card. All the options such as these, are as well listed on each of the casinos home pages. But, should there be any difficulty with choosing the right one. Then the customer service team can offer to help with this too. At the same time, they can go through the withdrawal times and limits with you also.

Why Settle for Anything Less than a VIP Service

All players should have equal rights plus fair treatment at all times and not just when you join. The good news with these particular Casinos, is you will have all this and more if you were to join any of the ones here. To begin with, all games have to go through a strict and thorough inspection before they can go online. Above all, they have a random number generator fitted in all the games. Which also means the games outcomes are completely free of tampering. This gives both new and experienced players the same chances to win. Seeing as no premeditation of the games results can ever occur.

All players either new and existing are always treated as VIP’s whatever their level of play or skill. Or, of how much they happen to spend. This is on top of an exceptional customer service as well. Which means that everyone is well treated in the same friendly manner. And each casino holding its own certified seal of approval is also a testament. To show not only its trustworthiness, but that it has the hallmark of quality. So, all that’s left now is to discover which of these four Casinos can be of benefit to you. Including more information given on each of the casinos own individual welcome offer when you click on any one of them. From then on, you can hopefully begin to enjoy your exciting new journey. Along with a highly recommended and reputable online icasino. We wish you all the best and hope you have a great time whichever one you choose.