CasinoMax Welcome Offer

CasinoMax has up to $9,000 in welcome bonuses to give away. Here you’re able to see how your new bonus works and how to claim your money. This is very easy to do and it’s worthwhile to take advantage of. As you also have the possibility of winning while using this new bonus. So, to go ahead and request this offer, you will have to first sign up with CasinoMax. Then, follow this up with setting up a new and real account with them. It will display on the form what you need to do and this shouldn’t take more than a minute or two to complete. This info isn’t normally anything more than just your name and email address they ask for. But, make sure to use a real and active email address, as this could affect receiving your winnings if it’s not correct. Next, you can request your welcome offer to one of the hosts. However, you will need to redeem the welcome bonus code at this stage, which you’ll also find displayed for you. Then, once you have done this you can go ahead to carry out your first deposit on the Casinos banking page. There, you will see a list of payment options for you to choose from. Plus, a wide range of methods available and so it’s very easy to find one to suit your preference.

These 3 steps are very simple to do. But, should you need any help then the host in the live chat will be able to sort this out quickly for you. Additionally, there are 20 free spins to pick up as well as this welcome bonus. So, remember to put in the different coupon code needed for this. We’ll go over the details for your free spins in a moment, but for now here are more details on the $9,000 welcome offer. Which begins with a 300% bonus offer of up to $3,000 and you can redeem this 3 times on your first, second and third deposits. This, you can use to play on any game taken from the large selection of slots including progressives. Which, is what makes this up to a total of $9,000 to use on the Casino. Please note, there are different coupon codes for each bonus offer and the correct one you need is on the Casino home page. Finally, you do have to be a completely new customer to receive any of the welcome offers provided. Also, it’s a good idea to read the terms for these on the official website. For you to know the workings of them before registering as a new player.

20 Free Spins
When you become a playing member you’re also given 20 free spins on top when you make $35 or over on your deposit. In total, these spins are worth $20 and there is a 40x wagering on anything you win with them. Which, must be on either Slots, Scratch Cards or Keno. You will receive the free spins over the next 10 continuing days after making your deposit. Yet again, you’ll have to do this to begin with and before you call one of the team hosts to pick up your offer of daily spins. Plus, there’s no maximum cash out for any of the codes used. But there are terms and conditions for these too, so be sure to check them out. On top of this, you must use your spins from one day to the next over the 10 day period to get the most from them. All this doesn’t take long and you have more chances to edge you closer to a win with this Casino too. So, aside your free spins, you have a whole ton of games to play. Which should last you for some time with an amount such as what the offer is with CasinoMax.

Special Promotions Available
There are many promotions to pick up at this Casino even after your welcome bonuses and they’re all exclusive. Here are the choices you have and what to expect from them:

300% Crypto Special:
CasinoMax accepts cryptocurrency and the ones used are the most popular ones. Such as, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dodgecoin (DODGE), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). With this, you can make a crypto deposit of $10 or more and get a 300% bonus for example. 

200% Deposit Special:

If you deposit with Instant Funding for a total of $35 or more, you’ll receive a 200% bonus. This is also the same if you make your deposit with QBDirect.

100% Monthly Slots Bonus:

If you’d like 100% extra to use on the slot games, then you only need to make a deposit for at least $35 or more. With a cryptocurrency deposit you’ll be able to get 5% extra. Also, with a deposit of $10 or more, there is a 105% bonus for you. Then for all deposits of $35+ they’ll be a further 100% bonus for you to use. 

80% Weekly Slots Bonus:
This will give you a whole 80% extra to play on any of the slots with all deposits of $35 or more. For a crypto deposit this will be $10 or more to collect an 85% bonus.

75% Deposit Special:

If you spend $35 or more on your deposit using Instant Funding, then the Casino will present to you a 75% bonus in return. The same applies when making your deposit with QBDirect. 

75-85% Slot Bonus:
Here, it’s a case of the higher the deposit made then the more bonus you’ll get for it. Plus, there’s a 5% extra bonus offer for a deposit made with cryptocurrency. This works with all deposits of $35 up to $74.99 for you to claim a 75% bonus. With a deposit made between $75 up to $149.99 it will give you a 80% bonus. Then, with $150 or more you get an 85% bonus in return. Then, there’s a crypto deposit of $10 up to $74.99 for an 80% bonus. And for depositing $75 up to $149.99 an 85% bonus. Finally, if you deposit $50 or over you’ll receive a 90% bonus.

70% Slots Bonus:

You can receive 70% extra to use on all slot games by depositing $35 or more. Again, this will be an extra 5% if paying by cryptocurrency. All Deposits with this one is $35 or more to claim a 70% bonus. But with a crypto deposit this can be a 75% bonus from a deposit of $10 or more.

65% + 50 Extra Spins:

When you deposit 65% in this section, you’ll get 50 free spins back to play on the Dragon Orb slot game. For all deposits this is again $35 or over to claim a 65% bonus. With crypto deposit this is a 70% bonus from depositing the same amount.

60% All Other Games:

Here you’ll get 60% to play on any game in the Casino. This can be the slots, but you have a much wider choice with this. Such as, play any of the other game types like table, dice and many more to opt from. With all deposits of $35 or more, you’ll pick up a 60% bonus. While a crypto deposit with this is $10 or over to get a 65% bonus back.

150 Monthly Spins:

These come following a deposit of $55 plus and it gives you 150 extra spins to play with. Although, you’ll have to use these on the slot game Asgard, but this is worth $45 in total so it’s well worth a go.