Over 150 Games

There are over 150 games to choose from at Legends and in here we’ve given you some of the more popular ones. This includes many games that are not only good for a regular enthusiast, but any new inexperienced casino player can do just as well from them. Besides the entertainment it brings to all, each one of the Casinos we’re reviewing contain only the highest quality of games. These grow with new releases every few weeks and every one will consist of a brand new theme. So, as well as several individual ones taken from the large selection, we’ve also added a few current games from the list. These mostly involve Slot games. But, there are Reel Slots, Video Poker, Specialty Games and Table Games to read about. Such as Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat and Pontoon.

The most popular of online casino games are the Slots. It’s more than in any other category because there are no skills needed and players luck can come in from one spin to win the game. As RealTime Gaming are clever with producing many successful and popular Online Slots. Which means, you can play all their best additions at any one of these four Casinos. To keep these Slot games running securely they have to go through regular checks even after having a stamp of approval. So, by using a professional and trusted game provider means you can of course come across some real gems to play. Which are 100% safe to play whichever one of these Online Gaming Establishments you choose to play in. First of all, you’re not likely to find any one alike in the catalog and they contain movie-inspired games to play too. Such as, Game of Thrones™ and Jurassic Park™. These are complete with the characteristics of each film and not only do the themes come with a difference but the games features too. Like with certain icons that act as ‘Wilds’ and many that expand to take over a full reel to win.

An example of one Slot is the 5 Wishes™ game which released in March 2020. It has an Aladdin and his magic lamp theme, with the Genie inside the lamp who can grant five wishes. In other words, whoever sets the Genie free will reveal a huge win. This game has 25 paylines, 5 Reels and a 2x Multiplier. Which along with the Genie acting as a Wild, is there to double your win. Having said this, it can only happen if he appears on the first of the reels. Another feature is the lamp and this is the Scatter symbol, meaning it can appear at random anywhere on a reel. So the more you get of these the better your chances. The Scatter also gives an opportunity to claim up to 100 extra Free Spins to play and this can re-trigger over again. Plus, the Wild feature remains with any of these extra treats. More treasures involved in this game includes the Palace itself. This is as well as Aladdin and his sweetheart to be, Jasmine. The game also consists of Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds and Sapphires. So if you win the big one then you’re looking at a 5000 times the bet on each of the lines.

The ‘Multiplier’ features can double or triple your winnings and there are some that are a particular games feature. While there are others that are only given on an extra Bonus game. Plus, there are different Bonus Rounds to come across when you play the Slots. With these that take on many forms to help edge you nearer to a win. Especially from ones which allow you to use certain skills and this can differ with a Free Spins Bonus too. In that there are certain ways to trigger them according to which symbols you have lined up. How many of these spins they give away will depend on the Slot Game played. But, there are the Scatter symbols which can make a payout much higher. The great thing about these is they can appear anywhere to make up a line on a reel to win the game. Which can as well, give you an extra bonus as they pave the way for even more Free Spins. It’s also the amount of Reels and Paylines they have what makes each one of the games unique.



No other online game brings the same kind of excitement than a Progressive containing a Multi-Million Dollar Jackpot. There are 16 Jackpot games in total inside this category. So you can try your luck with any of the 4 Casinos we’re reviewing. These are well-played for the big Jackpots they hold, but the one on every high-rollers lips is Major Millions™. It arrived in the year 2000 and has since become famous for its life-changing possibilities. This is so, because each time someone places a bet on it, the higher it rises. So you can imagine by the amount of people who play this means the Jackpot can grow very high in a short amount of time. Often climbing above One-Million, it has provided mega amounts to winners several times through this company. Despite the fact it doesn’t have a wide betting range, it is the best one out of all the Progressives they hold. But even though these Progressives all carry good Jackpot rewards these do vary. So, if you decide to try out one of the 4 Casinos here, then you can see for yourself the amounts held in Major Millions™. Besides other Progressives such as, Megasaur™, Spirit of the Inca™ and Let ‘Em Ride™.

The Major Millions™ Progressive Slot fast became appealing to many casino players. Because as its Jackpots raised so did the amount of players and this is why it remains as a top millionaire-making game it is today. It has 5 reels and boasts 15 paylines in which you can achieve lots of winning combinations from. Making this different to the normal amount of paylines you get from standard Slot games. It’s an uncomplicated Slot, so it’s easy for anyone to play and have a fair chance at winning. Plus, there are extra features such as an Auto Spin, so you can put your feet up and let this do the work for you. The Major himself is the prominent soldier-of-rank in an scene filled with military artifacts. Like Medals of Honor and the Binoculars to keep your eye on the prize. Other symbols are the Major’s Navy Service Cap, Top Secret Letters and Boxes of Ammunition. There are also armed vehicles such as a Tank, a Combat Plane and a Naval Ship heading your way. All these symbols mean something and the Major along with the Ship and Airplane can produce some very nice prizes along the way. By achieving 5 together on one line it can pay out up to 1000 coins a time.

Both the Tank and undisclosed documents have the usual paying symbols. Whereas, the other items have lower paying ones and the wins pay from left to right. There are Scatters too which can ‘explode’ anywhere on the reels and will land you a prize when you have more than 3. So, the game needs you to select between 1 and 15 lines you’d like to play. But, if your mind is intent on winning the big Jackpot then you should choose to play all 15 lines, as this will give you the best chances. However, all 15 will cost more per spin and whether you win or not will depend on luck. The Major, being the highest ranking Officer, acts as both the Wild and a Multiplier. This allows him to complete a winning combination. So, by having 5 of these Wild symbols on the 15th line is when it will hit the Jackpot. As this Progressive Slot has been well played for years it could do with updating its graphics somewhat. Though having said this, it doesn’t seem to put players off and is very popular due to it’s enormous Jackpots. It’s also very warlike if you like this sort of thing. But at the end of the day who cares when there’s a big cash flow in the tank to win!


Card, Dice & Other Table Games

In this section is the chance to play the worlds most popular classic card games, but there is much more besides. Because these many variations will give you a bigger choice in which to play your favorites. It pretty much suggests the Casinos hold all the games you need to give you the excitement you seek. So, besides the regular ways to play different rules and features, the additions help you to learn more as you go on. Which means you can increase your strategies and in time this could provide you with more winning chances. It may not be the biggest games collection you’ll see on the internet, but there’s a good variety of them after all. Pontoon and Pai Gow Poker are a couple of individual ones belonging to this part. With Craps being another popular game held which players never seem to tire of. Though the most variations are those taken from Blackjack, which derives from the game of 21. You’ll also find other ways to play this simple game from one of the two subsections in this division. One of these is a Caribbean segment where you’ll have available choices such as Hold ‘Em Poker.

Another iconic table game is Roulette and there are some nice versions of this. These are attractive by the realistic graphics and the click-clacking noise of the ball as it jumps around the spinning wheel. These features are throughout both the American and European Roulette. With the American version it has a better percentage than the European interpretation, in that it has a double zero and makes up to 38 pockets. Whereas the European and French versions have a single zero each and 37 pockets. So, they both have lower percentages especially with the French version. They play by using your chips to bet on a number and color you think the ball will land on when the wheel comes to a halt. But there are as well, Multi-Player versions of Roulette kept there. These are also produced by RealTime Gaming and offer an even different style of Roulette to play. Being one of the Table Games that doesn’t need any skills to be good at, makes it one of the more simpler ones to play. Which many can find relaxing as well as with the excitement it brings.


Video Poker

Another way to play Poker is like a Slot Machine game but with cards. Instead of pressing a spin button and leaving it down to luck, in Video Poker it works different. Even so, the game rules stay the same, as in you will still aim for a poker hand consisting of 5 cards. When you begin the automatic machine pulls out your cards from a deck of 52 and these will then line up on the screen in front of you. Due to the Random Number Generator installed inside the software, it means no one can control the game. Which works with an end result you couldn’t have predicted. This is a game where strategies are still used to better your odds of a win. One of these is to try to get a Royal Flush with each game round as it will give you more of a chance this way. Also, a player who needs more time can switch to a slower pace for as long as necessary to help achieve this. Then once learning a few skills like this, it can play in fast mode from then on if preferred. But, by remaining in a slower mode it has a better chance at winning as it allows for more concentration time. This game of Poker also has a low house edge and high payouts.

There are many subdivisions to this one section of Video Poker, which means it can play in different ways. It also relates to each particular choice of ‘hands’ offered, which can be 1, 3, 10 or 52. Besides these, there are all kinds of games in the sections and some with much better payouts than others. Choosing a game you like to play and one which provides you with a lot of fun is one thing. But choosing one with a higher payout percentage gives you better returns and this is what you’re aiming for. Video Poker works better with more time spent on it and you don’t have to pay a lot to get a longer game play out of it. Although, the higher the bet the more chance there is of winning. There are plenty of Bonus Rounds with some of the Video Poker games and you’ll find the Bonus Poker and Double Jackpot Poker are good for these. More so, are the Deluxe variants which may hold better bonuses. Then, there are the other Video Poker games which lead to: Aces and Eights, Sevens Wild and a Joker Poker version. For this games area, it would be fair to say they have a very good choice. Which also includes: Loose Deuces, Jacks or Better and the ever-popular: All American Poker.


Speciality Games

This section is where you go when you’re looking for something that’s more fun to play. There are different varieties contained inside this, as well as it being the place where they hold games like Keno and Bingo. It also contains a good handful of Scratch Cards such as the Treasure Tree version. But besides these, are Roulette versions of both American and European in the same section. One of the more distinct games is a board game that goes by the name of Banana Jones. It’s easy to play as it has the same kind of style as that of a Snakes and Ladders game but minus the ladders. Despite this, is a Snake symbol which puts the main character back some spaces when he slides down it. Compared to the original game, this version is more fun and magical to play. It also carries symbols such as: the Crystal Banana, Trailing Vines and the big Temple. Plus you have a depraved Leopard named Leopold in the game who’s out to steal the treasure. More symbols involve the fruits: Apple, Pear, Plum and Grape. Which are all features and can provide you with some real juicy wins.

But the main character in this game is Banana Jones, who is a Monkey and needs to get from the starting place to the Temple with your help. But you’ll have to keep a watchful eye on both Leopold and the Snake. As these two are up to no good and can prevent Banana Jones from reaching the Crystal Banana. Which can happen if the Monkey himself lands on the Snake’s head. Sending him further away from achieving his goal. As you may have gathered, the Crystal Banana is the item that will reap in the rewards for you. So it’s important to get the Monkey to the Temple when you can. Where he will jump across Lily Pads as spaces to get the prize. Instead of ladders there are vines he can run up and these will near him closer to the Temple. The game also has a Treasure Wheel feature and by landing on this it will grant its player with a Free Spin to try for a win. Then, there is a Crystal Banana Quest feature and once you’re inside the Temple there are lots of Chests holding the fruits. These will trigger off even more prizes, making both of them good features to have. More than this, the games HD graphics are way up at the top in this game. With coins and diamonds that spill out towards you following a win.

To play Banana Jones, it involves the roll of 2 dice. Which will add up between 2 and 12 for the amount of moves made, so it’s not a game you’ll find any strategies for. An RNG, the Random Number Generator, controls the outcome of the dice. Which is part of the games software to make sure each game has an unpredictable result. And if you achieve it there is a top prize of 2565x the bet. The same random outcomes happen with all the games in the collection. Another one of these is again a totally different one to play and it’s called Fish Catch. This is a shooting game and it contains some beautiful 3D animated graphics. But although it has a look of a Slot game it’s actually nothing like one. Instead, this multiplayer game involves you to shoot the fish as they swim around. There are some good options for doing this. Because, besides four different ponds to choose from there’s a choice of fish from Tiddlers to Tiger Sharks. Then there is the weapon of your choice in which to catch the fish. It’s a game that has the ability to go up to a 10x Multiplier and it brings a top prize of 1000x the bet. One of the games features is a wheel that’s known as: The Mermaids Luck, which allows you to spin for extra prizes. It’s not only a game that contains a lot of colorful graphics, but their Scratch Cards do too. Of which you can play the same one many times and that’s the beauty of playing online games such as these.

Live Dealer Games  

As of June 2020, Legends Casino Games began painting the town red at CasinoMax. And, as this one was the first of the 4 Casinos to arrive, it makes sense for it to be the first to have the live feature. This awesome development streams in real time. Although, it’s not known yet when the others [Cherry Jackpot, Roaring21 and Spinfinity] will also go on to have them. But, as this is usually the case, then it won’t be that long before the rest are more than likely to follow. We will of course update you on here as soon as we know when this is going to happen. As well as for any other updates relating to these Casinos. Visionary iGaming (ViG) are the power which runs the games and anyone who visits CasinoMax can play. When heading over to the live section, you can see the authentic fixtures and fittings. Such as the Roulette Wheel and Card Tables. Alhough these live streams don’t always come from land-based casinos, but more like a studio that’s arranged to resemble one.

Apart from knowing there are others playing, the only person you’ll actually see there is the dealer. With this, there’s no one that can get in the way and you have a complete view of the table at all times. This a great set up for playing live games at home and it doesn’t get much better than this as you play for real money. Once you sign up and log in you can find these in the Live Dealer section of the games lobby. This is where you make your table and game choices or the dealer you prefer, such as Angeline or Nicole. With various choices of Blackjack, Baccarat and Super 6 to play. Once having made your choices the only thing left to do is to pull up a chair and start playing. Ultimately, there are options of American, European and Auto versions of Roulette. Which all play out very well in a good high-definition quality. You can stream the live games through a mobile device or home computer. In all, the attractive variants in this area of CasinoMax are bound to get your heart pumping.


Latest Releases

Every few weeks RealTime Gaming issue at least one brand new game with yet another unique style. Some of the newest games include: Dr Winmore, 5 Wishes, Vegas Lux, Pulsar and Diamond Fiesta. Then the very latest one to arrive at the time of writing is the Hawaiian game: Wild Hog Luau. The meaning of the word ‘Luau’ pertains to a happy social gathering. But whether it’s a big party or a feast fit for a pig, there are many food items that act as features here. As well as a ‘Lei’ which is a garland made up of flowers. Besides this, the Hawaiian theme features beaches as well as the hogs themselves. But the game is a far cry from the beautiful Hawaiian beach dancers and instead you’ll have to put up with some wild pigs partying. Even so, this is a fun game and you’ll get to party with them as you spin the reels. On top of this, it’s especially good for all the Free Spins that come with it.

This is a 5-reel and 8-payline Slot and the best prize for this game comes with a 6800x per-line bet winning on any of the spins. The Totem symbol is the Scatter and it will depend on how many of these you can gather in the game. As this will affect the amount of Free Spins you can get. So, you’ll need to collect up to 15 of these to claim 50 extra spins to play. Yet you’ll only need to land on 3 of these and it will give you a one time bet payout. Whenever you achieve a winning combination you’ll also trigger a Re-Spin feature. Which on doing so, will then lock the winning line while the rest will spin again for another win. There are the Free-Spins that also contain some good Multipliers. Then, along with the Lucky Streak feature, are Hog Skulls which make up for the Wilds. The game includes Scatters, as well as ready made cocktails to drink out of coconut shells. So there is enough going on at this happy shindig of a Slot. Which has a lot of colorful humor to help set yourself up for a win and to join in with the celebration too.


One More Thing

Downloading your chosen Casinos software will give you a better choice and more access to the games. Plus, this is downloadable on the majority of cell phones or tablets as well as a home device. All four Casinos are optimal for players in the USA and Canada and the Casinos apply USD and CAD currencies only. Although it’s always advisable to check out the terms and conditions where you live. Of which, can be freely accessed through each of the websites.