Roaring21 Welcome Offer

Roaring21 has up to $10,000 worth of bonus for all new signing players. This welcome offer is not only for slot games either as you can use it for the game Keno as well as on any scratch card. This comes as a 200% to match your deposit and it can be anywhere up to $2,000. If you do this 5 times and deposit the maximum amount, you’ll then have the full bonus of $10,000. Which you can play on any of the games allowed for this offer. But make sure you redeem the coupon code before you make your deposit. To get the code needed for each of the bonuses you’ll need to sign in to your account first. There, you’ll find the correct code you need on the Casinos ‘Coupon’ page. There is a 40x wagering requirement for this welcome offer. Although there is no required maximum cash out with this. So, as with the other casinos in this group you will need to fill out a small form to begin with. But this doesn’t usually request anything more other than name, email address and username. These requirements do have to be genuine though. As it could affect receiving any winnings otherwise and your name should also match with the payment method you choose.

These payment options are ones which are widely used and include cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Also, you have Neteller and Skrill. Plus, Instant Funding and QBDirect as further options to use. But there is a whole range of methods available, so for sure you’ll find at least one to match your preferred method. Although, these can differ depending on whether your making a withdrawal or depositing an amount. Nevertheless, there’s a full list of options for you to look through, compare and choose the one you want. Once you’re satisfied and have put in a request for your welcome bonus, you can then go to the ‘Cashier’ section to make your deposit. This will be a minimum of $10 or $35 depending on which method you’ve chosen. Also, for those who can deposit with bitcoin will get even more for their money. If you’ve any questions or queries at any time, you can take this up with a team host. They’re good in helping with any concerning matters and will guide you in the right direction. Following all this, the promotions and bonuses do keep on coming. So, you’re able to benefit on a daily basis with your chosen offer as some of them you can use all day and every day. Here’s what you can pick up.

40% Cashback
You can claim a cashback of 40% with this bonus offer. As long as you have an accepted deposit over the 24 hour period beforehand. By clicking the ‘Redeem’ button a host will greet you and sort out all this out for you. It’s very easy and nothing takes too long to do either. This is one of the offers you can use throughout the day and each day of the week. You will need to make a $10 deposit to claim this offer.

150 Monthly Spins
This offer you can only use once a month but it’s one you can very much look forward to. With 150 extra spin chances this can go such a long way. However, you will need to deposit a minimum sum of $55 or more to claim your spins but this is worth $45 and it lets you use these on the mythical inspired game of Asgard.

300% Bitcoin Special
There are plenty of slot machine games for you to spend this on. In the wide selection you will come across all different themes to take your pick out of. All you have to do for this is deposit using the Bitcoin currency and the 300% is yours to play on any of the slots.

200% Deposit Special
You’ll have two choices of deposit here to be able to receive this offer. So, if you make your deposit by either Instant Funding or QBDirect, then this again can apply to any of the slot games. The only thing is, you can only use this once. But whichever payment method you opt for here, it will need to be a $35 minimum deposit to receive your 200% bonus.

100% Monthly Slots Bonus
Again, this is to use on any of the slot games you see and the offer is only available to use for one time per month. There are all deposits allowed for this but if you do this with Bitcoin you’ll receive a further 5% extra in bonus. Also, with a Bitcoin deposit of at least $10 you can claim a 105% bonus to use.

80% Weekly Slots Bonus
This is a good bonus as it allows you to benefit twice a day and every day from it. Plus, it also allows you to play on any of the slot games you love. To take advantage of this, make a $35 with the deposit option of your choice. Or, with a Bitcoin deposit of just $10 to get 85% back.

75% Deposit Special
Another deposit special offer and this time you have 2 choices. To either deposit with QBDirect or use Instant Funding and with this you’ll get back 75% to play on all the slots. The good thing about this offer is that you get to use it 5 times every single day by depositing $35 or more.

75% to 85% Slots Bonus
This is another offer you can use for 5 times each day. But with this one you get more back from the more you deposit. You’ll have to make between a $35 and $74.99 deposit to claim back 75%. This goes up to an 85% bonus if you deposit via any method a total of $150 or over. Although, with a Bitcoin deposit you can get a 90% bonus and on top of this a further 5%.

70% Slots Bonus
This too, gives you the opportunity to play all day long. Because you can use this offer over and over again. All deposits are $35 or higher needed for this. Which becomes $10 or over if you pay with Bitcoin to receive a 75% bonus. Again, this is a slot game offer and there is a 40x wager requirement with it.

65% Plus 50 Extra Spins
For 5 times a day through the week you can get a lot of pleasure from taking a chance on this offer. Although this is to use on the slot game Dragon Orb, it does give you plenty of extra play time to try out your luck. Plus, there are lots of features with this game to help you achieve a win. It also becomes a 70% bonus if you deposit with Bitcoin.

60% Other Games
As the title suggests, this offer is for any of the games in the collection. This includes any of your favorite ones from the variations too. Remember, you can get the most from this by using Bitcoin as your preferred way to pay. As this can turn into a 65% bonus from a further 5% extra.